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I had the opportunity to refresh a brand identity that I created over 10 years ago for Fusepilot—a collection of creative work and digital products by Michael Delaney. As Fusepilot ventures into new products, the identity was updated to both visually and functionally complement the design systems of various applications, plugins, and other creative tech products.

Fusepilot logo

The original logo expressed the idea of what is now called creative technology, however it posed usability challenges in modern applications. We arrived at a bold new wordmark that is versatile enough to fit into any product’s design system.

Fusepilot logo process
Fusepilot id components

The design language grew out of an experimental aviation-themed landing page prototype Michael was creating. The page merged interests in creative technology and data visualization, and nodded to the Fusepilot name by functioning like a scope—the low-fi screens used at air traffic control centers. The design system incorporates typography, color, and iconography inspired by the scope.

Fusepilot landing page

Every viewer sees a unique variation of the scope on the landing page. Read more on the technical process here.

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Fusepilot info page
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